Why did I start writing erotica?

I have always had a secret, rich, creative treasure trove of erotic fantasies tucked away in my imagination that I used for my own pleasure.  Since I am an avid reader, I have also spent some time searching for, and reading, erotic writing.  However, to my great disappointment, I found that much of the erotic writing published on the Internet or elsewhere is poorly written, predictable, dreary, and completely unimaginative.  I wanted to read stories that were delightfully unpredictable or perhaps even a little bit quirky; stories that contained luscious, sensual, descriptive language and detailed character portrayals; stories that appealed to me emotionally, as well as sexually.

So, I started writing the kind of erotica that I would love to read.

One day I just sat down and started writing the story, COME WITH ME, which is the first tale in my very first anthology of erotic fantasies, by the same name.  I enjoyed writing it so much that I decided to see if there were any further erotic tales that I could tell.  I was absolutely astonished to experience the wealth of stories that emerged from my imagination once I had opened the creative tap.  I shared some of my stories with female friends and they loved them so much that I thought I should continue writing and see if perhaps there was a book in there somewhere.

The rest is history.  Two books later and I’m nowhere near done yet!  I’ve also started branching out into romantic fiction, so watch this space!

So where does my inspiration come from?  Well, many of the stories I have published in my two books, COME WITH ME and JUICY FRUIT, are descriptions of my own sexual fantasies that I decided to share with other women.  Other stories are loosely based upon actual experiences I have had in my life.  My lips are sealed as to which those are!  Still others were specifically written for my books, as the muse directed me.

When I write, I find that my sense of time completely disappears.  I get so caught up in the story that hours will pass as if they were minutes.  I simply love what I do; it’s the best fun I could possibly have all on my own.  I hope that you will really enjoy the end result!

With much love,