ViviVIVI is my pen name.  I write naughty, creative, erotic tales to share with fearless, fun-loving women who want it all!

I know that, particularly for women, sexuality starts in our minds; in our vivid imaginations.  My stories will appeal to intelligent, adventurous women who wish to unleash their inner sex-kitten; even if only in the privacy of their own minds!  My erotic tales are colourful, imaginative, fun and very, very sexy.

Although I am a bisexual woman, my stories should appeal to all women who desire to give expression to their own untamed, juicy sexuality; whether they are heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or anything else!  In fact, many heterosexual women have admitted to me that they secretly fantasise about experimenting sexually with other women or with slightly-more-than-vanilla sexuality.  My stories encourage women to explore these fantasies in greater depth, colour and detail.

In my tales I address many different aspects of our lives as women, including the emotional and spiritual aspects, which is why I always say that I write EROTIC FICTION WITH A HEART.  I believe that sexuality is an immensely creative energy that imbues every aspect of our lives with colour, depth, joy, fun and excitement and is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  As women we should embrace our sexuality in all of its naughty, colourful, messy, fabulous detail!

I wish to celebrate women in all of our intriguing, delightful complexity at every stage of our lives and so you will find that my stories are not only about young, perfectly beautiful people, but also about real, flawed women that we can all identify with.

Please feel welcome to download my free booklet, SAUCY SELECTION, and also the free samples from my two anthologies, COME WITH ME and JUICY FRUIT, all available under the WRITINGS section of this website.

All of my work is currently available for purchase as e-books on Smashwords.

I hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

With love,


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